Sunday, February 12, 2006

I'm not kidding... I love to surprise people, and you may expect from me A LOT of that (I think you'll have one already on Monday). Surprises are things which make difference on our lives. Do you dream and have hopes? I really didn't expect that. I thoughtyou were really into that guy.
About that, sorry things didn't work out for you; really I am, 'cause the only thing I want from you is your happiness. However, the fact that you are single... hehe... gives me an enormous ray of hope in my life. Don't worry about your heart being broken. Someone can fix it up, and I am really interested in doing that, if you allow me to. I know things are going on too fast, but let's see things in this way: how many more surprises can we discover if we know a little bit about each other?
I'm not too much for you: you are everything... will I handle that? Someone as special as you... it's like an astounding dream, a movie scene: you never expect that being true, and when you came up to me, out of nowhere, I didn't believe it. But now I know, and I feel it's right: you're here, not in my dreams as you were before; and the only thing that was left for it was a personification of those endless dreams. You're the one. You're that. You're everything I was hoping to find in my life. On Monday we'll meet, and I'll make a request from you. But I won't tell you now what's that about, you'll discover on Monday, when I'd be looking into your beautiful black eyes, holding your little precious hands. Will you give me that chance?

I'm afraid of only one thing: I've been going through your communities on Orkut and thinking about somethings you've said to me... I'm afraid of disappoint you: and I'll tell you right now.. I just came out of a hard losing-weight process... and am good and thin (I have a large back, though...) but I'm still not ready. If you, in the first month don't worry about that it'll be okay. That's what I am most afraid of: you look at me and lose all that feeling you say you have about me. It would be not the first time in my sad life but it'll be one more dismayed moment. I'll ask you to wear something that I'd be able to distinguish you from all other girls that will be there, even though I could recognize you far and far away... I'm not interested in meeting those girls; I'm interested in meeting you. As we both like songs: "baby, you're the one", Elton John; "my love, there's only you in my life, the only thing that's bright.... I'll be a fool for you..." Lionel Richie.... I hope our dreams would come true. Even the clichès songs: "every night in my dreams... I see you I feel you".. that's absolutely true. YOU TAKE MY BREATH AWAY.

I don't know if I am being too much of a crazy fool about you, but I feel happy that way.. The phrases you wrote me: how can I forget? YOU'RE everything I could expect from a girl. Like you, and our coincidences dont't end there: it was the best moment for you to show up in my life. Too much for me, but I work hard for what I want. And, in every word, I want you in my life. You'll decide that.

I'm not an illusion, I'm right here, and I am waiting for you.


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